History & Vision


Trico Homes is a socially responsible builder that offers value, provides home choices geared towards the needs and wants of customers, that delivers on what it promises and cares about the lives of its customers.

The Trico Group was established in June of 1992 by Wayne Chiu, a mechanical engineer educated in Winnipeg and Hong Kong.

Over the past twenty-five years, Trico Homes has continued to grow and develop as a well-respected and successful builder. To date the company has built over 8,900 quality single- and multi-family homes in Calgary and the surrounding communities. With a reputation for integrity, innovative design, quality craftsmanship and customer service, Trico Homes brings their best to every community under the insightful and dynamic leadership of Wayne.


Our vision is simple. We want to become a legacy company in the new home building market.


Our mission is to build homes with pride, that are crafted to enhance the lives of our customers and the communities they live in.

Community Involvement

Trico Homes understands there is more to building better communities than constructing quality crafted homes. We live in the communities we build in and understand the importance of providing our support to promote vibrant, healthy lifestyles. We support local and international community outreach, and events and celebrations, such as the Chinatown Street Festival and GlobalFest, to name a few.


Trico Homes is committed to being an environmentally responsible builder not only with the product and the homes we offer but also with the manner in which we conduct our business practices.

We are not only the first Canadian builder to become a registered B Corp, but now have the flexibility and capability to provide Built Green® homes for families in many of our communities, using products and practices that will enhance energy efficiency and reduce pollution.


Risk and innovation have always characterized the home building industry. To succeed, builders must identify and pursue new opportunities that may require 'breaking out of the box' of the traditional way of doing things.

When you arrive at Trico, we want you to stay and experience what the freedom to inspire, create, and innovate feels like.

Our Trades

Our relationships are built on mutual respect, honesty, integrity and fair dealings; these traits are the cornerstones of our philosophy. We value the input and opinions of our trade partners, working as a team with unified goals and an understanding of what it takes to be successful within our industry. A testament to this is the decades-long relationships Trico has with the majority of its partners.

Our Culture

We recognize that a company is nothing more or less than the people who make it up. Trico Homes is continually recognized as one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies and one of the Best Workplaces in Canada - and that says a lot about our culture. We combine our energy for work with our passion for life, community and learning, which we believe create a fuller, more enriched lifestyle.

We are committed to building the finest in quality homes that stand the test of time. That's why we strive to continually raise the bar by researching trends, habits and preferences and from that, developing the latest tools and strategies in order to achieve the highest levels of homebuyer satisfaction. Through continuous improvement and hard work, we endeavor to create more effective products, processes and services and now, more than ever, our clients consider us to be a leader in home innovation and technology.

What is a B Corp?

An important part of Trico's social mission is to encourage the movement of social entrepreneurship, which is adopting innovative solutions to social problems.

As a successful business, Trico uses the power of money to change and address social issues.

So what does social entrepreneurship have to do with building homes?

Trico does more than build homes. Our social mission is sewn into the fabric of our culture. It doesn't take away from building homes it makes us a better builder. It gives our organization a greater purpose and allows us to make a deeper contribution to bettering the lives of our customers and the communities they live in.

That's why we became a B Corp. "B Corps use business as a force for good". They create higher quality employment opportunities and improve the quality of life in our communities and the community as a whole. Trico believes in and supports social impact so becoming a B Corp was a natural fit.

Our TeamManagementBoard of Directors

Our team bridges the gap between the "Art" of homebuilding and the "Heart" of homebuilding.

With a focus on customer care, and a history of community and charitable support, the Trico team consistently demonstrates a degree of professionalism, dedication and passion which distinguishes us from the crowd.

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