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Location: Calgary NW

Located west of Shaganappi Trail on the northern edge of Calgary, this master planned community features extensive linear pathways, green space, natural ravines and wet ponds with entrance features and open public spaces amongst ruins reminiscent of the Irish countryside. Home designs in the British Isles tradition will emphasize the natural features and unique setting complementing the surrounding landscape yet allow a refreshing diversity in architecture styles and home sites. These designs will reflect the extraordinary beauty of their surroundings signifying "Old World Charm", with the use of architectural details, stone and a palette of deep rich colours.

These zero lot line single-family homes with double front-attached garages are perfect for any family that wants affordability, yet isn't willing to compromise on community. Nolan Hill has convenient access to major roadways for easy travel to local amenities.

Why Buy Zero?

One of the main reasons to build on a zero lot line is to make the best use of available space. Building on the line makes it possible to build a more spacious home on a smaller lot, meaning better value for your money. In Nolan Hill you can save as much as $15,000 to $20,000 as the same model built on a regular lot.

Homes built on the zero lot line also create more usable outdoor space. Instead of being split into front, back and side yards, by shifting the available space into one area, it gives what would normally be a small side yard extra space. There is also plenty of usable space right at the front entrance, for whatever the homeowner needs whether it be gardening or an extra area for your kids to play.

In Nolan Hill there is also opportunity for larger back yards, with deeper lots ranging from 35 to 44m long.

Phase Maps
- Click to view the Phase 7 Map Nolan Hill Zero Lot Line - (Revised Sept. 22/16)
- Click to view the Phase 9 Map Nolan Hill Zero Lot Line - (Revised Jul, 17/17)
- Click to view the Phase 10 Map Nolan Hill Zero Lot Line - (Revised Jul. 17/17)

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