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Location: Calgary North Central

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Trico has unveiled the latest version of family-friendly homes in the north central community of Redstone, where we once again have the opportunity to showcase our distinctive designs. Trico Homes is offering laned homes on zero-lot lines, which offers more home for less money. Trico will have two models of laned, zero-lot line homes available in this phase in Redstone.

Community of Redstone

The north central community of Redstone is a shining example of harmony for family and community life. Redstone is a rare neighbourhood with a unique vision, the attention to its design ensures residents have access to initiatives that promote physical activity and reduced energy use - establishing a sense of place in Redstone. High quality pedestrian environments promote a safe family-friendly environment for walking and cycling. Residents can enjoy 3.5 kms of a regional pathway system that incorporates outdoor fitness equipment. Redstone's location, superior access roads and public transit allow residents to get where they need to go quickly and easily

Why Buy Zero?

One of the main reasons to build on a zero lot line is to make the best use of available space. Building on the line makes it possible to build a more spacious home on a smaller lot, meaning better value for your money. In Redstone you can save as much as $15,000 to $20,000 as the same model built on a regular lot.

Homes built on the zero lot line also create more usable outdoor space. Instead of being split into front, back and side yards, by shifting the available space into one area, it gives what would normally be a small side yard extra space. There is also plenty of usable space right at the front entrance, for whatever the homeowner needs whether it be gardening or an extra area for your kids to play.

The Delbridge III

The Rowan II

Phase Maps
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