Service & Warranty

Our Guarantee

Trico Homes has constructed your home with quality materials and the labour of experienced trades people. Key components, materials and suppliers are subjected to rigorous testing to meet our specifications for quality and durability. All work is done under our professional supervision in order to attain the best possible results for your investment.

A home is one of the last hand-built products left in the world. Once we have assembled the natural and manufactured materials selected by you, we combine this with the skill and care of our builders and trades to create your unique new home. Although quality materials and workmanship have been used in your home, this does not mean that it is care- and maintenance-free. A home, like an automobile, requires care and attention from day one. General homeowner maintenance is essential to providing a quality home for your lifetime.

An extensive Home Care Manual is given to all homebuyers when purchasing a Trico Home. Within this manual you can find a detailed outline of your extensive warranty along with helpful tips on how to maintain your home, and much more.

Your warranty consists of the following:

  • 1 Year Workmanship and Material - Offers coverage for defects in materials and labour, which includes items such as flooring and fixtures.
  • 2 Year Delivery and Distribution System - Offers coverage for defects in materials and labour related to delivery and distribution systems including heating, electrical and plumbing systems.
  • 5 Year Building Envelope Coverage - Offers coverage against defects in the building envelope.
  • Additional 2 year Building Envelope - Optional building envelope coverage protects purchasers from defects in the building envelope for an additional 2 years. This additional 2 year warranty must be purchased from Trico Homes prior to possession.
  • 10 Year Structural - Offers the purchaser coverage against structural defects for a period of 10 years starting on the warranty commencement date. For more information regarding your warranty please refer to the Builder Warranty section in this portion of the manual or visit

Service and Warranty

Our Service and Warranty department is here to help. Our process allows us to take better care of you and your new Trico Home.

From our well-trained Service Coordinators who take your calls, assess your needs, schedule your repairs and ensure all work is completed within a timely manner, to our qualified Service Technicians who make repairs and oversee our trades, you are well looked after.

That is our promise to you.

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