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Home Buyer Resources


Terminology and phrases utilized throughout the building process may not be familiar to you. We have listed common terms and phrases for your reference. If you require additional information or clarification, please contact your Area Manager, as they will be with you throughout the building process to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Lot Grades

The engineering design level (or elevation) of the house on a lot, in relation to the sidewalk, road, laneway and adjacent property. Grades also determine a number of other factors, including the need for window wells and retaining walls, the design of steps, and the profile of the lot after the landscaping. Proper planning of grades is essential to avoid surface water problems that could result in a damp basement.

Lot Plan Grade Slip

The orientation and location of your new home on its lot indicated on a scaled down drawing of the lot. It shows the distance to the home from the front, back and side property lines and positions the home in accordance with municipal bylaws for "setbacks" from property lines and easements. The locations of any easements are indicated along with details of "grades"?.


A vented opening into the home that has a series of horizontal slats and arranged to permit ventilation but to exclude rain, snow, light, insects, or other living creatures.